The brand

The brand

Creativity, tecnology and manual skills

The Quiima brand has developed a new product meant at providing customers a real value through originality and innovation. Quiima achieves a new concept of beauty and elegance by combining not only the new trends in the fashion field, but also in architecture, jewellery-making, engineering, industrial materials and design in general in its multiple expressions.

Creativity, research and technology are supported by the experience and knowledge of the best craftsmen of the areas of Venice and Milan, known and considered internationally as the cradles of shoemakers, who cooperate to develop a real Made in Italy luxury product.

As well as energy is the basis of life itself , and ideas the source of innovation , so is innovation the vital spark of all the changes , improvements and human progress
Quiima, lusso e innovazione

Creative design

Now more than ever we are observing the fading of boundaries that separate different sectors of activity. This allows the creation of new ideas that differentiate the market and give birth to unexpected forms of supply and demand.

The partnership between companies belonging to different branches creates a network where information are exchanged and new innovative projects are created, bringing real value for the customer.

Following these principles, our product is the result of a new process in the creation and manufacturing of shoes, involving new forms of collaboration among different areas, which interact and mix themselves providing a new creative design and fresh, innovative ideas.

Aesthetics and Wellness

Aesthetics and Wellness
The concept of Luxury should not mean aesthetics without health. For this reason Quiima not only pays attention to the beauty of our products, but also to the foot and its intrinsic characteristics. Our aim is to preserve the anatomy, the movement and the stability of the foot, avoiding any dangerous alteration. Beauty and health are therefore at the core of this innovative luxury product.

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