Our history

Our history

Quiima is a young start up making its debut in a varied and and eclectic shoe market with a new attitude focused on developing products that can finally answer the needs of the international customer demand. Our market is oriented toward limited editions, personalized and handmade shoes made by the authentic Italian craftsmanship.

To reach this goal Quiima works side by side with multifaceted specialists and their different cultural backgrounds and skills. Together we face the task of combining uniqueness, luxury and fashion in an incredibly fresh, unconventional way.

Our mission is to go beyond the boundaries in which the shoe market players generally operate, and explore new, alternative paths through unusual and unexpected partnership.

This allows us to discover new trends through unconventional forms of inspiration and give birth to new ideas. We intend to find new areas of research and forms of experimentation to create a new – futuristic concept of “shoe”.


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Quiima behind the scenes …


Massimo Quintarelli

A midsummer night. San Marco Square, Venice. I admired the fascinating Murano glasses and the jewels and the precious stones shown in the shop windows.

I had the idea to create something just so marvelous that a woman would dream to wear. Elegant, sophisticated shoes. Pieces of jewelry, unique and exclusive objects of desire.

From this inspiration to an idea. And now, along side with my colleagues and designers, a wonderful reality.

Quiima represents the essence not only of superior elegance but also of extreme comfort, because the act of wearing elegant and exclusive shoes should be a source of endless joy and pleasure.