And finally, it all comes down to London. Alongside with New York City, Paris and Milan, London is considered as one of the world’s hotspot in terms of luxury. In particular, the main city of the United Kingdom is the home of high fashion, the factory of new trends, the place to be if you’re looking for your latest object of desire. This is why we could not avoid to take a long stop and visit the Queen among our journey to the capitals of luxury where QUIIMA is about to present its brand.

Take a walk in the streets of luxury

LondraThe centre of London is not only the main attraction of millions of tourist, but it is also one of the world’s nerve centre for luxury shopping. Oxford Street is the beating heart with more than 300 shops and boutiques. Next stop is Carnaby Street, the perfect answer to the new alternative wave. The ideal triangle is closed by Regent Street where the worldwide most important brand have taken home.

Bond Street is another one place not-to-miss: the historical borough of elitist shopping gives home to most well-known shops of the City. Nearby has rises its modern counterpart, Knightsbridge, with the newest boutiques like the elegant and finest Harvey Nichols. If you are willing for a tea time break, Fortnum&Mason, the official supplier of the Crown, can offer over 200 variety of tea. Not enough? Well, there’s a place that nearly any City of the world can offer. Its name is Harrods.

Harrods: 160 year dedicated to luxury

HarrodsTake a walk into Hyde Park. Southern exits. Just a few more step and you will find the biggest shop in Europe: an area of more than 90,000 square meters, 7 floors, 330 wards, 27 restaurants, a bank, 10 luxurious entrance doors, 5.000 employed, 11.300 light bulbs to illuminate the outside, 12 millions of guests per year, 250,000 visitors per day and a major complex of escalators (the first model of UK was installed here in 1898). These are numbers that will make your head spin. And it’s not over. Imagine that the 46 lifts installed on the building, are travelling in a year carrying people for over 80,000 km (two times a trip around the world).

Harrods is the place where sparing no expense is the rule. And the products for sale are adequate for the purpose. Among many other luxury items, you can find a 64.9 carats diamond, 600,000 € watches and the most expensive sandal of the world (642 rubins installed on the shoe). Jewels are girl’s best friends, but not the only one: hair stylists, beauty parlors, travel agencies, high fashion, furnitures and the best selection of food and wine from all over the world. If you are wonder which is the best time of the year, Christmas is the answer. Just visiting Harrods and its amazing decorations is an experience you do not want to miss.

Harrods opened during the mid-1800s. In 1985 worthed an investment by Mohammed Al-Fayed of 300 million pounds. 15 years later, the investment turned out to be a glorious one. The complex was sold to Qatar Holding for 1,5 billion pound: quiet a nice result. Harrods is considered a synonym of exclusive because it has only one site in the whole world, except for 11 mini-store in strategic airport among Europe and Asia. One eas place in Italy, in the wonderful Porto Cervo, Sardinia.

So, if you are travelling the world looking for the essence of luxury, you’d better start speaking the King’s and decide how do you take your tea, because London is the place to be. This is why QUIIMA is ready to steal the heart of England and gain a place in its capital of luxury.