Dubai, Singapore, Moscow, New York City. Our journey around the world has led us to discover the brightest metropolis in terms of luxury. But, as they say, there is no place like home. And this is why this week we set our eyes in our own country, our loved Italy. Today, we would like to tell you about Milan and its unique wonders. Because unlike Paris or London, this is not a capital of luxury. Milan IS luxury. There is one statistic that reflect the most the statement we just made: 6 million. This is the average number of tourists that every year travels to Milan with the only purpose of doing high fashion shopping. If you’re looking for the highest quality, the one that only Made in Italy can provide, get ready to book a flight for Milan.

The high fashion shopping is Made in Italy

MilanoBetween 2014 and 2015 Milan has been at the centre of a research conducted by Pambianco Strategie d’Impresa, a consultancy firm offering services to the Fashion, Luxury and Design sector. The whole research was commissioned by SEA Group (the society that manages the air traffic in Milan) due to understand the role and worldwide reputation of the city in terms of high fashion shopping.

The result was simply astonishing: Milan is without a doubt the first destination of the world for those who travels looking for luxury, high fashion and design. This rank is based upon the average amount of money spent by tourists among the luxury market. Milan holds the highest with its 1,398 €, before Paris (1,241), London (1,240), Rome (978), New York City (800), Hong Kong (568) and Singapore (292).

These number may seem, at least, strange at first. But the main reason of the disparity is the diversification in which all the other city divides their amount of tourist. The strength of Milan lies in its own personification with fashion and luxury. Once again, Milan is not a capital of luxury. It is luxury itself. And the tourist that every year are coming here knows very well what they are looking for.

As Milan changes, so the luxury market does

Traditionally, the so called “Quadrilatero” (an ideal square in the centre of the city made by the most famous streets) is the place to be in Milan. This is the place where the most exclusive and prestigious boutiques set the standard for the world of fashion: what to wear, what to buy. And this is no subject to change. What’s really surprising is the rise of Malpensa Airport as the second place relevant for stylish shopping in Milan, with an average receipt of 701 € and a significant 13.000 € of income per square meter. The new opening of exclusive boutiques in the area of Intercontinental departures has borne fruit.

According to the research this is only the beginning. After an increment of 30% of trades in the luxury sector in the last 5 years, there will be another 4% per year among the next five. Milan is the main reason why Italy, and Western Europe in general, is considered the main market for luxury and fashion, followed by Asia and North America. Tourism is at the centre of the whole market, with an over 37% of luxury items purchased abroad.

The real luxury experience

Milano MalpensaExcellence is the first, second and third commandment of this city. Milan is considered a place not to visit, but to live. Even just for a few days, like an ephemeral dream. It is the place to come for a real luxury experience.

Italy is usually associated with history, culture, natural and culinary wonders, provided with great hospitality. Milan embody all of this characteristics as many other wonderful cities of the “Bel Paese”. But here, you can find more: innovation, efficiency, avantgarde. This city is the personification of luxury and fashion. It has evolved towards a particular kind of tourist, seeking the very top.

Visiting Milan makes you feel something that only a QUIIMA jewelry can. It makes you feel special, loved, precious. It makes you feel important as you really are.