If there’s a community that loves shopping and the higher standard of quality, it’s the Russian people. Especially when we talk about luxury and made in Italy. This is one of the reasons why Moscow is considered one of the new capitals of luxury. The world of excellence is seen as the stepping stone to reach the top of international markets, the perfect breeding ground for QUIIMA to expand its own horizons. Let’s take a journey to Moscow, shall we?

A City about shopping

Mosca-PiazzaRossaThe well-known high-fashion boutique in the centre of the city are usually frequented by residents 76 billionaires, a number that collocates Moscow above New York (70 billionaires) and Hong Kong (54). After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Russians invested a lot into the global market and this led to the new way of seen the capital of Russia as a place of wellness. The richest neighborhood is named Rublevka and host building complex with the highest price of the world.

Despite the young history as a centre of luxury, Moscow has been ranked as the third city for luxury shopping, right behind London and Paris. In addition, during the period from 2006 to 2008 Moscow was rated as the most expensive capital in the world.

Tip-off: Moscow hosts over 80 shopping centre around the city, for an overall area that cover over 1 million square feet. If you are walking through Tretyakovsky Proezd, just in front of the Kremlin, you can enter to the Glavnyi Universalnyi Magazin, an impressive mall where can be found the best luxury brands of the world.

A World Heritage Site

Mosca-CremlinoAmong luxury and fashion, Moscow can offer an astonishing architectural heritage of international interest. The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour with its awesome domes; the Kremlin, seat of government; the Seven Sisters, a complex of seven skyscrapers designed in Stalinist style; the Red Square and its museums, cathedrals and historical buildings. These as just few example of the amazing landscape of the Russian capital.

Moscow holds some records and, you know, we love records. Here you can find Ostankino Tower, the tallest freestanding structure in Europe (540 mt.) and the Mercury City Tower, the tallest building in Europe since in 2012 overtook the record of London’s The Shard.
The city is served by one of the biggest and most frequented underground in the world, well-known also by the wonderful architecture if the over 200 stations.
Never forget that Moscow is a green city: 96 parks and 18 gardens, with over 40% of the total surface of the city covered with trees. The perfect place to take a walk in an elegant, comfortable and wonderful shoe. Made in Italy, Made in QUIIMA.