New York


New York, New York, used to sing our dear Frank. That voice alone is capable to let us feel the atmosphere of the most iconic city of all the United States. A status symbol, a metropolis with a heart of music, art, design, beating so loud that can be heard all over the world. New York has it all. It’s the place to be for investments, business, trade, but also if you are looking for culture at its highest, education, fun and lifestyle. This is the city where high fashion, luxury and elite in general are at home. And so does QUIIMA.

The world’s most famous skyline

ManhattanBrooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, Manhattan: welcome to the five boroughs. These are the administrative districts in which the city is divided and every single one of these is an iconic microcosm that everyone can recognize. Manhattan holds almost every famous skyscraper of the city. These are the buildings that creates the skyline everyone around the world knows: Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, the Headquarters of UN, Wall Street, Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square, Broadway, Madison Square Garden, 5th Avenue, Moma and Lincoln Centre.

Before 9/11, The Twin Towers where not only the symbol of the city alongside the Statue of Liberty, but also the tallest building of the skyline. They were part of a 7 buildings complex named World Trade Centre, which was completely dismantle after the fall of the towers due to the infamous terrorist attack. In 2013 the so called Freedom Tower (part of the New World Trade Centre) was completed and presented as the tallest building of the world with 541 meters of height.

A new record on the way

Empire-state-buildingNo later than 2025, New York City will take the title of “Capital of Luxury” from London. According to Knight Frank, an english residential and commercial property consultancy with collected data for the Wealthy Report (the Bible of luxury) in 2015, NYC is going to be the home for the largest community of millionaires and billionaires, both americans and foreign residents.

We can see an anticipation of this achievement looking at the tendency emerging from the property market in Manhattan. The largest part of investment in 2014 was towards the United States: 286 billion dollars invested in large part in the Big Apple. The first 25 property sold in the same year in New York were valued for a total of 1 billion dollar (about 30 million each!).

2025 is behind the corner, and while billionaires from all around the world are waiting for new luxurious mansions, QUIIMA is ready to make the voice of Made in Italy heard across the sea.