The city of arts and pleasures. Home of amazing monuments and priceless artworks. Symbol of French culture and landmark of its greatness for the world. A world that Paris conquered among centuries with its influence in politics, culture, lifestyle and economics. Ever since the origins of Europe, Paris has been a rule maker for the western side of the continent. Paris cannot be mentioned without its association with love. It’s the city of lovers, and it’s a city you end up with falling in love to. So this is why a recent study stated that Paris, with over 28 million of visitors per year, is the most visited city on earth. And also the most expensive one, according to the Economist. The presence of one of the main Stock Market of the planet, has made Paris a crucial meeting point for international trades and markets. It seems that either for pleasure and business, you will end up in Paris at least once in a lifetime.

But when QUIIMA thinks of Paris, all that we see is luxury. The dashing showcase among the notorious boulevard, the trend runaways, the five star apartment with a view on Eiffel Tower, the businesswomen walking down the Champs Elysees wearing our most precious made in italy shoes filled with shining jewels.

Shopping on sundays in Paris

ParigiThe Sunday’s opening for Parisian boutiques has always been highly regulated by French Government, but something is going to change. A new law promoted directly by the Minister of Economics Emmanuel Macron, about “Zones for International Tourism” has just been approved. This agreement between storekeepers and labor unions will permit the opening on sundays for boutiques and shop if it is in their interests.

This agreement involve the flagship store of over 30 luxury brands like Chanel, Christian Dior and Louis Vuitton. From now on, the millions coming every year in Paris can dedicate their Sunday to shopping on Champs Elysees and Place Vendome, including the grand boulevards zone that host the biggest malls in the country.

A night on Eiffel Tower: all about luxury

You have not seen Paris, if you wouldn’t pay a visit to the true symbol of the city: the Eiffel Tower. In order to celebrate the UEFA European Championship , for the first time ever the top of the 300 mt tower has been transformed into a luxurious apartment. Realized by HomeAway, a leader portal for home holidays, it is intent to host for an unforgettable night four different groups coming from all over the world. The fortunate ones were chosen with an international contest called “Eiffel Tower All Yours”.

ParigiJudges chosen between over 150,000 contestants who answered to the question: “What will you do if you’ve given the chance to spent a night in a luxurious apartment at the top of Eiffel Tower?”. Each winner will have the chance to take up to 5 guests to its temporary dream loft and have all together the night of their life.

The guest designer behind the project of this temporary loft, Benoit Leleu, has been inspired by Haussmann style, decorating it with a touch of modernism. In only two days the conference room was transformed into an amazing living area provided with two bedroom, a living room and a urban greenhouse. Even here, in the very heart of Paris, you can find a touch of Made in Italy. Quite a big one to tell the truth. All the fornitures inside the temporary loft are provided by the Italian brand Lago.

QUIIMA is just waiting to land in Paris and its luxury. If this is the city of love, we can assure you you will have eyes only for our brand new shoes.