Over 5 million inhabitants into an area as large as half of Rome. One of the most important financial centre of the world. Its port is in the top 5 in terms of annual trade. The most densely populated country, second only to the Principality of Monaco, with the higher presence of billionaires among its population before Switzerland, Hong Kong, Qatar and Kuwait. This is what makes the Republic of Singapore on of the main cosmopolitan city in the world. This is only the starting line to our journey. We are about to discover what makes this city one of the capitals of luxury and the perfect place for QUIIMA to present its unique product.

A global economic power

singapore merlionSingapore’s territory consists of the diamond-shaped main island, Pulau Ujong, and 62 islets and it lies at the southernmost tip of continental Asia and peninsular Malaysia. Due to its strategic location, the metropolis has always been disputed by the main global power among years. It has been colonized and governed by portuguese, dutch, english and japanese people. This mix of cultures and costumes is the main reason of the multicultural character of the population of Singapore, where are spoken four languages (english, mandarin, malay, indian) and almost every religion known is followed.

Singapore is one of the four “asian tiger”, along with Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan. The nickname was given as an act of acknowledgment of the continued development in the last decades. The economy is highly based on exportation of electronic products, oil refinery, chemistry, mechanical engineering and biotech science. In 2007 World Bank stated that Singapore was the most important centre for logistic. After that acknowledgement, Singapore has been considered the first trade market right behind London, New York and Tokyo.

The City of Records

singapore helix bridgeFinance, trade, exchange, economy. But also skyscrapers and breathtaking landscapes, botanic gardens that deserved the recognition of UNESCO Heritage site and, of course, luxury in its higher form. “Lion City”, “the Garden City”, and the “City of records” are the common nickname of the city. Its skyline is very similar to the one of New York City, but instead of the Statue of Liberty there is the Merlion, the symbol of the metropolis: an animal with the body of a fish and the head of a lion. The etymology of Singapore can explain us the choice: it came from Malaysian Singapura, “city of the lion”.

Singapore is also the place for fun. Here you can find the tallest ferris wheel in the eastern hemisphere, the Singapore Flyer, where you can enjoy your glass of champagne at 542 feet in the air. There is also space for the biggest aquarium of the world, the Marina Park Life in Sentosa, the island known to be the Asia’s favourite playground. The icon of the city is certainly the Marina Bay Sands, an astonishing hotel formed by three skyscrapers linked by a terrace with the shape of a boat named SkyPark. Here, in addition to a series of exclusive restaurants, you can find the so called Infinity pool, the famous 490 feet swimming pool, with its unique view. Another must-see place in Singapore is the Helix Bridge, a triumph of technology and design. With its shape that reminds of the DNA spiral, it is a symbol for life, reborn and progress.

If you are talking about excellence, it is impossible to forget Changi, the best airport in the whole world. Around their futuristic and high tech terminals, thousands of bar, shops, restaurants, hotels, spa, cinemas, theme parks, entertainment centre, gardens, museum, galleries and pools form a proper city inside the airport. The best is the only option for a city that has been ranked as the most expensive in 2014. They say quality is always worth the expense. In Singapore, this is not only the rule, but above all a guarantee.